1886 Winchester Rifle in 45-100 Caliber

The original stock and fore-end wood was retained as it was in good overall condition, apart from the obvious “bruising” of the wood the woodwork finished up well. The finish applied is a hand rubbed oil finish to both the stock and fore-end. The action, lever,hammer, butt plate and fore-end cap were filed to remove bad rust pitting and damage, smoothed and hand polished to prepare for color case hardening.

The above parts were color case hardened strictly in the correct manner to achieve beautiful colors to exacting standards.
All other visible parts/furniture were hand polished and Niter Blued except for the barrel, magazine tube and barrel/tube hanger which were Slow Rust Blued to achieve a beautiful deep rich blue. The barrel had to be shortened and crowned to 21 1/2 ” per clients specific request due to some unscrupulous work done previously. The magazine tube had to be reduced in length to suit. the magazine end cap altered and fitted to tube.

The magazine tube hanger had to be replaced and the barrel milled to accept said part
The fore sight was rebuilt and a new brass blade manufactured,fitted and shaped to exacting standards

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