This metal work is destined to be a beautiful perfectly balanced .303 British Side by Side, Side lock ejector Double Rifle.

The action began as a very rough forging, it was then hand filed, chiseled and detonated to resemble an action styled to the Best of British Gunmaking. The extended top tang over the comb was then added, hand filed, shaped and polished. The top lever and safety button were custom crafted and the same applies to the bottom tang/trigger plate and the trigger guard. The fore-end iron and fore-end furniture were then hand crafted, all from solid billet steel.

The action was then prepared for engraving and sent to Lee Griffiths of Hyde Park Utah. This action and furniture is embellished with beautiful deep foliate and bulino engraving as per the client’s instructions. Lee is one of the very best engravers this country has to offer, if not the best.

All work apart from engraving is undertaken on our premises.

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