20 Gauge/28 Gauge Two Barrel Set

20 Gauge/28 Gauge two barrel set, Round body, Ejector Side by Side shotgun. Both sets of 28” barrels hand struck/filed and polished to get the best possible appearance, fit, weight and balance. 2 ¾” chambers and i/c, mod choked.

Exhibition grade handpicked Turkish walnut stock and fore-end wood, hand carved, inletted and finished with a London/Slacum hand rubbed oil finish. Traditional British style hand cut checkering with mullered borders.

The action, fore-end iron and furniture were hand chiseled/detonated, shaped and polished. The barrels were fitted up to the action and the fore-end iron. The gun was then prepared for engraving.

The engraving was superbly done by Geoffroy Gournet here in the USA to the clients specifications. The metal work was then case hardened and French Grayed. The engraving was then inked and shellacked.

All pins and screws niter blued including the triggers and safety button. The barrels were beautifully rust blued to exacting traditional standards. Finished weight 5lb 2oz perfectly balanced over the hinge pin.

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