Custom Gun Fitting

26 years experience as a shotgun fitter has helped me gain a vast knowledge of the needs of the individual shooter to achieve their best possible comfort and performance within the shooting sports.

Whether you shoot with a pre-mounted gun or shoot with a low gun, my aim is to give you the client a gun that will be the optimum in consistency, comfort, balance, feel and importantly become an extension of your eye, as this is the only form of shooting that requires you to focus on the target entirely and not the gun.

I specialize in fitting guns to and helping young and inexperienced shooters, male and female alike, achieve the correct stance and approach to the shooting sports. Any discomfort, pain or poor performance experienced during shooting is almost always caused by an ill fitting gun. Once the gun has been correctly fitted to you the shooter we are able to completely adjust the stock as needed after the fact to give you a true custom fitted gun that will give you a lifetime of shooting pleasure.