Rifle turned Lamp

Some days a gunsmith is offered a dilemma from a customer. Customer brought in a lever action rifle with a barrel blown and split 3/4 of the way down. Were thinking squib load with bullet in the barrel and follow up shot blew it apart. No we were totally wrong. Customer explained to us his story. His neighbor suggested he put a potato on the end of the rifle to quite it down so he could get rid of some rodents in the backyard. Problem was he didn’t hollow out the potato and just shoved the potato on the barrel thus the back pressure blew the barrel apart. He is very lucky it didn’t severely hurt or kill him. Moral of the story: Don’t put anything on the muzzle of a firearm that was not designed to be there period. After much discussion what to do with the irreparable rifle, we agreed in the end to turn the rifle into a floor standing lamp to once again render the rifle useful again and of course be a reminder to all to please be VERY careful when handling and using a firearm! 

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